Rimanoczy, I. & Turner, E., Action reflection learning, 2008 Sisällysluettelo PART 1: ADULT LEARNING AND ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING (ARL) Prologue: A learning story 1. A different approach to adult learning PART 2: THE LEARNING IN ACTION 2. A successful merger 3. A leadership transition 4. ARL in education 5. Other applications of ARL PART 3: THE LEARNING COACH IN ACTION 6. One-on-one coaching 7. A team turnaround 8. Cascading change in organization PART 4: REFLECTING ON THE ACTION 9. Origins and evolution of ARL 10. Elements of the ARL practice 11. The theoretical foundation of ARL (Part A) 12. The theoretical foundation of ARL (Part B) 13. The learning coach Epilogue: A learning story revisitedLukupäiväkirja